Social Security Disability

Helping Families Make Ends Meet

There are plenty of misconceptions about disability payments certain Americans may receive from the Social Security Administration. This program is referred to as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). SSDI is designed to provide modest monthly payments to individuals who cannot work. 

Unlike many other government programs, SSDI is earned. Eligible recipients need to accrue a certain amount of work credits before receiving SSDI. Essentially, applicants must have worked at least five years within the immediate 10-year period, in addition to fivemore previous years of work, to earn a sufficient amount of work credits.

SSDI Definition of Disability

The criteria for someone being “disabled” differs among contexts. In the case of SSDI, however, applicants must meet a fairly strict definition. The SSDI definition of disability requires applicants to have a severe medical condition that is anticipated to last at least one year or result in death. Importantly, this medical impairment must prevent the applicant from performing past work or participating in “substantial gainful activity.” 

Substantial gainful activity is any work that nets someone more than $1,310 per month. Anyone who earns more than that is not eligible for SSDI. 

SSDI Amounts

The average SSDI monthly payment is around $1,280, which is just over $15,000 per year. The vast majority of SSDI monthly benefits range from $800 to $1,800. Certain recipients may receive just over $3,000 per month. The amount any particular applicant may receive is subject to several factors, including the number of dependents, amount the applicant paid into through previous work, and other federal assistance. 

An Attorney’s Help is Crucial

The Social Security Administration is especially keen on detecting fraud and protecting the integrity of the SSDI program. As a result, many applications are initially denied. Plenty of applicants are successful on appeal, but experts highly recommend having a qualified and experienced attorney to help during this stage. 

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